But First, a Story...

My day job is in the IT industry. In early 2012, HubSpot called and asked if I wanted to know our company's "marketing grade." Sure, why not.

The grade for our website was 23 out of 100. It was an embarrassing reality check, but I was determined to raise that number as high as it could go, as quickly as possible. But as a one-person marketing department with too many balls in the air and no advertising budget, I needed to know what was fast and cheap.

Fast forward 7 months: our score was up to 85, we ranked #1 on Google for our market, and our website had drawn enough new business from organic search traffic (no ads!) to pay my salary for the year.

Now it's your turn. Request a free marketing assessment, and I'll provide:

  • Your grade (a score of 1-100)
  • The grade of your main competitor
  • Simple changes you can make right now to improve
  • Tips for a long-term, competitive strategy
  • A free eBook to download when you fill out this form ----->

You have my word that this will be painless ... after all, your score can't be much worse than mine once was!


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